Hi there! My name is Michael Boman and I am a security expert in the fields of vulnerabilities and malicious code.

I have more than 10 years experience in security testing of applications and infrastructure. I also deliver courses in security testing and secure development. I'm passionate about computer security and doing my best so that more people do it right from start.

I'm a bit odd. My main hobby is to collect virus. It started when I got my own computer infected, even though I followed all the best practices. Curious as I am I wanted to know how it could happen. As a result, I began to collect virus, and it was also the start of my specialist career.

I have continued my private collection of malware and it has been of great benefit in customer situations. I was after a while a expert in the field. My expert knowledge has led me to many interesting engagements, most of them I can not talk about, but I can share my  knowledge with you and thought I'd do it here.

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