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Toshiba U3

In my presentation Overcoming USB (In)Security I demonstrate how to use Switchblade and Hacksaw. The Toshiba U3 device does not have instructions on how to flash it yet so I thought I'd describe the process here.

Download the upgrade tool

Visit and download the updater.

Upgrading the U3 image

Unpack the updater (in my case U3updater_toshiba_U2H_Ver1.055.exe) installation file. I used 7-zip to do this. Replace the bin/LaunchPad.iso with the U3 Launchpad Updater/LaunchPad.iso from the U3 Memorex package found at Hak5's Switchblade Packages page. Then upgrade the U3 device as per normal.

Issues encountered

If you are already running the latest firmware of the Toshiba U3 then it refuses to install the new ISO image. If you got any ideas how to fix this do let me know. Thanks.