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I have been working with Websense 7.0.x a bit now and here's some notes from my experience.

Using MSDE as log database engine

  1. Download MSDE 2000 SP4 from Microsoft's website
  2. Use the following command when starting the MSDE installer
  3. Reboot server
  4. When installing Websense, specify the instance like
    <IP or Hostname>\WEBSENSE

Websense Start/Stop scripts for Windows

Websense must start/stop its servers in a particular order (PPPUFN), and this is some scripts I wrote while taking their WWS7 course.


@echo off
echo "Starting Websense (core components)"
net start "Websense Policy Database"
net start "Websense Policy Broker"
net start "Websense Policy Server"
net start "Websense User Service"
net start "Websense Filtering Service"
net start "Websense Network Agent"

echo "Starting Websense (optional components)"
net start "Apache2Websense"
net start "ApacheTomcatWebsense"
net start "Websense Log Server"
net start "Websense Explorer Report Scheduler"
net start "Websense DC Agent"
net start "Websense Logon Agent"
net start "Websense Information Service for Explorer"
net start "Websense Usage Monitor"


@echo off

echo "Stopping Websense (optional components)"
net stop "ApacheTomcatWebsense"
net stop "Apache2Websense"
net stop "Websense Usage Monitor"
net stop "Websense Information Service for Explorer"
net stop "Websense Logon Agent"
net stop "Websense DC Agent"
net stop "Websense Explorer Report Scheduler"
net stop "Websense Log Server"

echo "Stopping Websense (core components)"
net stop "Websense Network Agent"
net stop "Websense Filtering Service"
net stop "Websense User Service"
net stop "Websense Policy Server"
net stop "Websense Policy Broker"
net stop "Websense Policy Database"

Websense Categories

Useful info when playing with WebsensePing

1	Adult Material
2	Business and Economy
3	Education
4	Government
5	News and Media
6	Religion
7	Society and Lifestyles
8	Special Events
9	Information Technology
10	Abortion
11	Advocacy Groups
12	Entertainment
13	Gambling
14	Games
15	Illegal or Questionable
16	Job Search
17	Shopping
18	Sports
19	Tasteless
20	Travel
21	Vehicles
22	Violence
23	Weapons
24	Drugs
25	Militancy and Extremist
26	Racism and Hate
27	Health
28	Information Technology	URL Translation Sites
29	Productivity	Advertisements
64	User-Defined
65	Adult Material	Nudity
66	Adult Material	Adult Content
67	Adult Material	Sex
68	Business and Economy	Financial Data and Services
69	Education	Cultural Institutions
70	Entertainment	MP3 and Audio Download Services
72	Government	Military
73	Government	Political Organizations
74	Internet Communication	General Email
75	Information Technology	Proxy Avoidance
76	Information Technology	Search Engines and Portals
78	Information Technology	Web Hosting
79	Internet Communication	Web Chat
80	Information Technology	Hacking
81	News and Media	Alternative Journals
82	Religion	Non-Traditional Religions and Occult and Folklore
83	Religion	Traditional Religions
84	Society and Lifestyles	Restaurants and Dining
85	Society and Lifestyles	Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual Interest
86	Society and Lifestyles	Personals and Dating
87	Society and Lifestyles	Alcohol and Tobacco
88	Drugs	Prescribed Medications
89	Drugs	Supplements and Unregulated Compounds
90	Drugs	Abused Drugs
91	Internet Communication
92	Abortion	Pro-Choice
93	Abortion	Pro-Life
94	Adult Material	Sex Education
95	Adult Material	Lingerie and Swimsuit
96	Productivity	Online Brokerage and Trading
97	Education	Educational Institutions
98	Productivity	Instant Messaging
99	Productivity	Freeware and Software Download
100	Productivity	Pay-to-Surf
101	Shopping	Internet Auctions
102	Shopping	Real Estate
103	Society and Lifestyles	Hobbies
107	Sports	Sport Hunting and Gun Clubs
108	Bandwidth	Internet Telephony
109	Bandwidth	Streaming Media
110	Productivity
111	Drugs	Marijuana
112	Productivity	Message Boards and Forums
113	Bandwidth	Personal Network Storage and Backup
114	Bandwidth	Internet Radio and TV
115	Bandwidth	Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
116	Bandwidth
117	Society and Lifestyles	Social Networking and Personal Sites
118	Education	Educational Materials
121	Education	Reference Materials
122	Social Organizations
123	Social Organizations	Service and Philanthropic Organizations
124	Social Organizations	Social and Affiliation Organizations
125	Social Organizations	Professional and Worker Organizations
126	Security
128	Security	Malicious Web Sites
138	Information Technology	Computer Security
146	Miscellaneous
147	Miscellaneous	Images (Media)
148	Miscellaneous	Image Servers
149	Miscellaneous	Private IP Addresses
150	Miscellaneous	Content Delivery Networks
151	Miscellaneous	Dynamic Content
152	Miscellaneous	Network Errors
153	Miscellaneous	Uncategorized
154	Security	Spyware
156	Miscellaneous	File Download Servers
158	Websense Reserved
162	Embedded URLs
164	Security	Phishing and Other Frauds
166	Security	Keyloggers
167	Security	Potentially Unwanted Software
172	Security	Bot Networks
173	Internet Watch Foundation
174	Batelco
191	Extended Protection
192	Extended Protection	Elevated Exposure
193	Extended Protection	Emerging Exploits
194	Extended Protection	Potentially Damaging Content
195	Internet Communication	Organizational Email
196	Internet Communication	Text and Media Messaging
200	Information Technology	Web and Email Spam
1801	Non-HTTP